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Monthly Archives: March 2013

The 50 Most Influential Planes of All Time – Part Three


The third addition to this series takes a look at the numerous private charter aircraft in the market. The selected five below are what we consider to be some of the finest aircraft for private use ever designed. The variation … READ MORE

The 50 Most Influential Planes of All Time – Part Two


This is part two of the article I posted a few days ago, compiling is hectic if not fickle work because choosing which planes should go first and which should follow suit is difficult.  Indeed, there are so many great … READ MORE

A Sky Full of Planes Circling…Waiting for a Place to Land


Recall in an earlier blog, I discussed the earlier projected air-traffic control tower closings and provided a link to the proposed list. Now we have an update to this list. The complete list of air-traffic control towers to be closed … READ MORE

Charter Flight Safety – Turbulence is as Turbulence Does!


Forest Gump believed that “things happen” (ok, so I’m paraphrasing).  But when it comes to charter flight safety and comfort, we here at Charter Flight Group believe otherwise.  We choose the finest pilots in the world to care for our private flight clients because we … READ MORE

50 Most Influential Planes of All Time – Part One

As we continue to consider the history of air flight, especially as it relates to where we are today, it’s useful to consider all the fine aircraft, propeller, turboprop, and jets both large and small which have led the world … READ MORE

History of Jet Flight and the Issue of Metal Fatigue


Today we fly wherever and whenever we want by use of turboprop aircraft and jet airliners as well as light jets both privately and by contract such as charter flights.  We take day trips to Miami and business trips to … READ MORE

F-35 Lightning II, Kicks up a Glitch Storm


The U.S. Aerospace Jet Aircraft Industry has been getting punched in the nose of late, with the grounding of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the threat of cutbacks as a result of the sequestration.  As if it could not get … READ MORE

How Insanity Led to Safe Flight

Wright Flyer Aircraft Flights

Some people charter flights for business, some just to get them to their vacation destination, and others choose to fly because they just love the feel of wind beneath their tail-feathers.  Today, people charter private flights for virtually any reason … READ MORE

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