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Business Charter Citation Encore
Citation Encore Charter Flight

Citation Encore

Private Aircraft Charters on Citation Encore Light Jet – History and Highlights

You can contact Charter Flight Group any time night or day (24/7) to book your private flight on a Citation Encore light jet by Cessna. With private jet flights to countless destinations both domestic and abroad, Charter Flight Group is a world leader in business jet travel. Charter Flight Group believes foremost in service and for this reason, we offer both round-trip and one-way private jet flights, along with on-demand service and even empty legs. The Citation Encore is one of many variations on the popular Cessna series of aircraft that features many of the performance options at the Ultra and Encore and when it rolled of the lines just a few years ago, many were pressed into service for use as both Army and Marine Corps personnel transport jets.
Among the advantages of the Encore over other Citation series jets are the EFIS instrumentation, Pratt & Whitney PW535A engines, and better performing trailing-link landing gear. In addition, a redesigned avionics system combined with FADEC, or full authority digital engine controls place full control of the aircraft in the computer when engaged. Hence, unless the pilot decides to intervene, the FADEC provides optimum engine efficiency regardless of conditions.

Citation Encore Specifications

This particular Cessna Citation light jet, the Encore, provides certain specifications similar to the others in the series, but with an added payload capacity of 2080 lb, storage capacity of 71 cubic feet, and a climb rate of 4620 fpm. This climb rate allows the Citation Encore to reach cruising altitude in an astounding 10 minutes which means that should the jet encounter bad weather, it can quickly climb above. One of the most advantageous features of the Encore is the Honeywell Primus® 1000. The Primus® system provides an added layer of private flight safety by combining fail-passive autopilot and flight director controls in a single unit. It uses a three-axis architecture that results in enhanced passenger comfort and safety regardless of conditions.
  • Seating: 8, depending on configuration
  • Lavatory: Enclosed
  • Takeoff Distance: 3,520 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 433 mph
  • Max Range: 2070 mi
  • Ceiling: 45,000 ft
  • Cabin Space: H4.7’ x W4.8’ x L17.3’

Fly Private with the Citation Encore – Summary

Charter Flight Group is proud to offer the Citation Encore to our private jet clients because of the enhanced safety features. As a leader in the private charter industry, we hold safety on a par with service and believe that the Citation Encore delivers both nicely. Indeed, we hold private jet charter flight safety in such high esteem that besides requiring all aircraft to pass FAA Part 135 regulations, we also utilize the services of both ARGUS and Wyvern to ensure that every aircraft in the enormous fleet, not just the Citation Encores, are maintained in pristine condition.
This ensures the safety and comfort of all our private jet charter clients. You could give Charter Flight Group a call now to discuss your private charter business flight aboard the Citation Encore jet. We have reasonable rates and our private jet charter consultants will see that every detail is handled so that you can spend your time on more important things.

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