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Corporate Travel Business Airliner Boeing 737 Private Jet
Corporate Travel with Business Boeing 737 Jet

Boeing 737-200

Private Aircraft Charters on Boeing 737-200 – History and Highlights

When you are ready to charter your private Boeing 737-200, you can do no better than Charter Flight Group. Serving the needs of private charter jet flight travelers for over 30 years, only Charter Flight Group has the experience and service you expect. Speaking of service and experience, the Boeing 737 jet is the most popular jet airliner in history, based on sales of the series and the Boeing 737-200 version is an excellent choice for many private group charter flights. The Boeing 737 made its debut via Lufthansa Airlines in 1968 and since that time has seen many modifications, the 200 among them. The 200 model was developed out of a need for a larger aircraft with more space for passengers and cargo and had its start the same year as the first.
This jet airliner has stood the test of time and continues to provide great, reliable service to private charter travelers the world over. The modifications to this model included improved aerodynamics, improved braking systems, added fuel capacity, and even modifications that permitted a quick conversion from passenger seating to cargo and back. In addition, further variations of the Boeing 737-200 allow for takeoffs and landings on gravel and grass landing strips which made it a popular jet airliner for use in Alaska.

Boeing 737-200 Specifications

Some of the noteworthy specifications of the Boeing 737-200 include a cruise speed of 518 mph at a cruising altitude of 35,000 feet. With a long and noble history, the Boeing 737-200 is one of the most favored jet airliners available for private charter to this day. As a testament to this jets popularity and wide use one simply need to look at how many nations use this aircraft in their military operations. Some of the more notable countries that continue to use the Boeing 737-200 jet are Australia, India, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, the United States, and Venezuela along with many others. If your group needs a private jet airliner charter for short to medium-range flights, this is a very good choice.
  • Crew: 2
  • Passengers: 97 or 136, depending on configuration
  • Lavatory: Full
  • Internal Storage: 875 cubic feet
  • Maximum payload: 45,000 lbs
  • Cruise Speed: 518 mph
  • Maximum speed: 544 mph
  • Ceiling: 35,000 ft
  • Engines: Pratt and Whitney JT8D (x2)
  • Length: 100’2”
  • Height: 36’10”
  • Wingspan: 93’
  • Cabin Dimensions: H6.9’ x W10.1’ x L100’
  • Maximum Range: 2600 mi

Fly Private with the Boeing 737-200 – Summary

Charter Flight Group provides many jet airliners for private flight to our clients and we ensure that each aircraft is maintained in showroom condition (although in the case of a jet airliner, it is a pretty big showroom). We pride ourselves on our outstanding service by providing not only round trip flight charters, but also one way flights, empty legs when possible, even on-demand flight service. In order to provide our clients with such outstanding service requires that every private charter jet meets and exceeds all FAA Part 135 regulations for safe operation.
To assist us in carrying out this combined effort of safety and service, we use the services of the most respected names in flight safety, ARGUS and Wyvern. Finally, in order to demonstrate our commitment to provide you with the finest private jet flight service in the industry, we have expert private charter flight planners on standby for your call 24/7/365. To enjoy this demonstration and your private Boeing 737-200, simply call now.

The CFG Difference

Charter Flight Group is the right choice for the private charter clientele. Our reliability, costs, and attentiveness enables us to surpass the competition.

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