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Aircraft Jet Charter Challenger 890

Challenger 890

Private jet Charter on the Challenger 890 – History and Highlights

If your chartered private flight requires a large, transcontinental corporate jet or shuttle, consider your own private Challenger 890. As the largest jet in Bombardier Aerospace’s fleet, the Challenger 890 is one of a wide variety of business jets available from Charter Flight Group. This big jet is versatile and reliable, and is the longer, stretched version of the Bombardier Challenger 601 which began life as part of Canadair’s fleet of regional jets. The Bombardier 890 is at the top of its class in cabin space and can perform like smaller, faster jets. Private Challenger travel in this comfortable charter jet will take you further and get you in and out of more domestic and
international airports compared to other similar charter private jets. Charter Flight Group’s chartered private flights allow you to travel on your own timetable and access thousands of small and large airports around the world. You can’t beat the comfort and luxury of the Challenger 890 for a large business contingent or luxury trip for a small group of family and friends. Expect a private Challenger flight to take you wherever you need to go, such as from Las Vegas to Puerto Rico, London to Cairo, or Fort Lauderdale to Lima, Peru.

Challenger 890 Specifications

Within a few hours of contacting us, Charter Flight Group can arrange chartered private flights for you and your companions on the Challenger 890. The Challenger 890 flies with a crew of two and can comfortably seat 19 passengers in luxurious VIP style with seats that fold down into beds, 52 in executive style seating, or up to 90 when configured as an economy corporate shuttle. Challenger 890 offers over 2,800 cubic feet of cabin space with dimensions of 59.1 feet in length, 6.1 feet in height and 8.3 feet in width. You and your guests will enjoy the massive space and plentiful legroom. On your private Challenger flight you can set up an efficient working environment to relax in comfort and be productive at the same time. The Challenger 890 is powered by two General Electric CF34-8C5 turbofans with an amazing 14,000 pounds of thrust apiece that have better fuel consumption and performance at high altitudes than the Challenger 850. The aircraft can reach 37,000 feet in less than 30 minutes. Your chartered private flight will be peaceful, quiet and environmentally friendly. The aircraft features the digital Collins Pro Line 4 EFIS avionics suite and the latest safety technology.
Other features and amenities such as a big aft lavatory and a well-stocked galley make Challenger 890s a great choice in charter private jets for transcontinental trips in luxury and comfort. Other specifications of Challenger 890 charter private jets include:
  • Aircraft class: Heavy charter jets
  • Crew: 2
  • Passengers: 19 to 90
  • Altitude: 41,000 feet
  • Range: 2,028 nm; 2,334 m (seats full)
  • Normal cruising speed: 448 knots; 516mph
  • Pressurized: Yes
  • Air-conditioned: Yes
  • Lavatory: Full
  • Galley: Full
  • Baggage capacity: 486 cubic feet

Charter Flight On the Challenger 890 – Summary

When you’re in the market for flights on charter private jets, Charter Flight Group can give you access to our extensive selection of new and safe aircraft. Take advantage of our friendly customer service on the ground and in the air. Charter Flight Group will make sure your private Challenger flight is smooth and efficient and keep you away from the stress and headaches of commercial flights at congested airports. Our carefully-selected global partners that charter private jets must meet the strict FAA Part 135 standards for aviation safety. Charter Flight Group utilizes Aircraft Research Group of the United States (ARG/US) and WYVERN, aviation safety leaders, to perform third-party safety audits on chartered private flight we arrange. Whether your travel is for business or recreation, you can count on our commitment to safety and discretion on your private Challenger charter.
Contact one of Charter Flight Group’s consultants today to help you with the selection of charter private jets, destinations and prices. We also offer great prices on empty legs and one-ways; contact us for options. We are available 24/7 and 365 days a year to meet your unique requirements, whether you select the Challenger 890 or one of the many other charter private jets we have available. Rely on Charter Flight Group to deliver your colleagues, family and friends to your selected destination with the maximum in safety and discretion.

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