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Private Aviation Jet Charters - Gulfstream GIII
Private Aircraft Gulfstream GIII Jet Charters

Gulfstream GIII

Private Aircraft Flight on Gulfstream GIII – History and Highlights

Contact Charter Flight Group for the finest in private corporate jet charters; with over 30 years experience in providing private jets to global destinations, Charter Flight Group can provide you with the kind of service and aircraft you deserve. The Gulfstream III had its roots in the highly successful Gulfstream II, manufactured by Grumman Corporation of Long Island. After merging with American Aviation Group in 1972, the new CEO Allen Paulson began redesigning the popular corporate jet to gain increased range and speed. Making its first flight in December of 1979, the Gulfstream III would become the first business jet to fly over both of Earth’s poles.
Initial work on the Gulfstream III began by scrapping the wing design, but engineers determined that the desired results could be achieved in a better way by simply modifying the existing wing structure. So the wings were extended by six feet and engineers added five-foot winglets. Additionally, the fuselage was extended by two feet and a curved windscreen was added to the cockpit to increase visibility. The final product was a private corporate charter jet that was safer and could provide further and faster flight than before.

Gulfstream GIII Specifications

The modifications to the Gulfstream III allowed this corporate charter jet to reach a maximum speed of 928 km/h (577 mph) and a comfortable cruise speed of 508 mph. With a range of 4200 miles, this private corporate charter jet could now go from U.S. coast to coast or across the Atlantic without refueling. With more interior space than any other private jet in its class, the Gulfstream III is an excellent choice for long flights. The forward galley is enclosed and provides privacy to the cabin and the lavatory is spacious with additional storage for toiletries. This is certainly one of the finest corporate or private luxury jets ever designed and is available now from Charter Flight Group.
  • Crew: 2 or 3
  • Passengers: up 19 (depending on configuration)
  • Length: 83’1”
  • Height: 24’4.5”
  • Wingspan: 77’10”
  • Empty Weight: 38,000 lb
  • Max Takeoff Weight: 69,700 lb
  • Engines: 2 – Rolls Royce Spey RB 163 Mk 511-8 Turbofan
  • Range: 4,200 miles
  • Ceiling: 45,000 ft
  • Climb Rate: 3,800 fpm
  • Lavatory: Enclosed
  • Galley: Forward
  • Cabin Dimensions: H6.1’ x W7.3’ x L41.3’
  • Interior Storage: 157 cubic ft

Fly Private with the Gulfstream GIII – Summary

When you phone Charter Flight Group to request your private Gulfstream III jet, your expert flight planner will make all your arrangements because we believe in providing the finest service possible. In addition, Charter Flight Group believes in providing the safest private and corporate charter jets possible. This is achieved by retaining the services of both renowned safety groups, ARG/US and Wyvern to ensure that not only does every jet in the enormous fleet exceed all FAA regulations, but also the demands of our clients.
Safe, reliable, and luxurious private flights every time are our goals and we always meet our goals. Charter Flight Group can arrange on-demand service, one-ways, and even empty legs to most locations and private flight planners are available to book your flight on the Gulfstream III 24/7 so that you could call now, if so desired.

The CFG Difference

Charter Flight Group is the right choice for the private charter clientele. Our reliability, costs, and attentiveness enables us to surpass the competition.

Why We’re Different

  • Superior End-to-End Experience
  • Dedicated 24/7 VIP Service
  • Integrated Trip Planning
  • ARGUS Platinum, IS-BAO Aircraft
  • Wyvern Recommended Aircraft Backed by Charter Vault Escrow
  • Point-to-Point Pricing

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