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Private Charter Jetstream 31 Aircraft
Business Plane Charter Jetstream 31

Jetstream 31

Jetstream 31 Private Plane – History and Highlights

Contact Charter Flight Group to arrange your private flight on the Jetstream 31. With over 30 years experience in providing the finest business aircraft for charters to and from countless destinations foreign and domestic, Charter Flight Group is pleased to provide the Jetstream 31 for your private use. The Jetstream 31 was developed by British Aerospace after the design had first been passed to Scottish Aviation during the nationalization period in the early 70s. British Aerospace had initially declined development of the twin-engine business turboprop but in 1978 decided the design would be an asset to the company’s goals. The final design of the Jetstream 31 incorporated Garrett turboprop engines, offered options
of either 10 seats for business configuration or 18 for commercial flights, and the ability to land at a majority of airfields. After the initial test flight in 1980, the first Jetstream 31 was delieverd in 1982. The final design has proven to be quite popular with numerous civil operators from scores of nations making purchases for this economic, light commuter aircraft. Among the nations using the Jetstream 31 today are Colombia, Venezuela, Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, Honduras, Estonia, Iceland, Jamaica, Mexico, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway and more; the list seems endless.

Jetstream 31 Specifications

Some of the reasons for the popularity of this aircraft include the ability to convey fair size groups in reasonable comfort. The interior cabin specifications allow for standing (5.9’ height), 3 seats across (6.1’ width), and up to six rows spread among its 24.3 foot long cabin. Thus, this aircraft can deliver more people for a lower cost than any other comparable aircraft. For anyone needing a light private turboprop charter capable of carrying a small group of business travelers or vacationers a short distance where runways are likewise short, this is an ideal and economical aircraft.
  • Crew: 2
  • Passengers: 10-18
  • Lavatory: Aft and enclosed
  • Range: 783 miles
  • Cruise speed: 264 mph
  • Max speed: 303 mph
  • Climb Rate: 2,080 fpm
  • Ceiling: 25,000 ft
  • Storage Capacity: 81 cubic feet
  • Maximum Payload: 1464 lbs
  • Engines: Garrett TPE331-10UG turboprop (x2)

Fly Private with the Jetstream 31 – Summary

When you are ready to book your private Jetstream 31 with Charter Flight Group, you will be delighted to know that we have very convenient hours…you may reach us literally anytime, day or night. We have expert private charter flight planners on the ready to take your call 24/7/365 because we believe that service begins with the ability to serve you when you are ready. In addition, at Charter Flight Group, we believe that service is contingent on our ability to provide safe and reliable private flights. For this reason, every private charter aircraft, whether turboprop or jet is maintained in immaculate condition and ready for flight or any FAA inspection.
The fleet is kept in this condition through the assistance of not one, but two of the finest flight safety groups in the world, ARG/US and Wyvern. Finally, we offer one ways, empty legs and on-demand private charter flights. We know that when you are ready to go, we are ready for any flight at any time. Call us now to book your Jetstream 31.

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