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Private Turboprop Plane Jetstream 41
Business Jetstream 41 Charter Flight

Jetstream 41

Private Turboprop Charters on Jetstream 41 – History and Highlights

If planning a regional group charter flight on the Jetstream 41, Charter Flight Group is happy to make all your private aircraft arrangements. With more than 30 years in the private charter industry, only Charter Flight Group is in the position to provide what you need when you need. We can handle all the arrangements for your private group. The Jetstream 41 was developed by British Aerospace with the prime intent of competing in the 30-seat regional market. Using the Jetstream 31 model as the basis for design, the company made full use of newer technologies in engines and body stabilization. The first Jetstream 41 took flight in September 1991 and entered official service the following year with a delivery to Manx Airlines. By 1996, the Jetstream 41 had gained a firm position in AI(R) consortium and entered service for numerous airlines
worldwide including Brindabella in Australia, Sky Express of Greece, Morgan Jet Mexico, Eastern SkyJets of the UAE, Eastern Airways in the UK, and Trans States Airlines in the US to name a few. The Jetstream 41 features a stretched fuselage with 16 feet added aft the wings and 8.3 feet to the forward. In addition, the wingspan was increased to 60’5” with newer, improved ailerons and flaps to improve handling. Finally, for increased power and payload capacity, two Allied Signal TPE331-14 turboprop engines power the aircraft and is controlled by an EFIS. This became the first turboprop ever to be certified for both FAR25 and JAR25. In addition, it features an advanced five-blade propeller system designed by McCauley.

Jetstream 41 Specifications

Some specifications worth noting that make the Jetstream 41 a popular aircraft for short trips with small groups include the 30 passenger capacity, room for two pilots and a flight attendant, and maximum payload of 81 cubic feet or 2710 pounds. This is an excellent aircraft for anyone seeking to charter a private group flight from anywhere in the Silicon Valley to the Rocky Mountains for skiing or hunting. With the capacity of many mid-size jets but the efficiency and landing abilities few light jets can match, this is an ideal group vacation private charter aircraft.
  • Passengers: 30
  • Lavatory: aft and enclosed
  • Takeoff distance: 2965 ft
  • Climb rate: 2200 fpm
  • Cruise speed: 289 mph
  • Maximum speed: 340 mph
  • Range: 891 mi
  • Ceiling: 25,000 ft
  • Cabin dimensions: H5.9’ x W6.1’ x L31.3’

Fly Private with the Jetstream 41 – Summary

Charter Flight Group has been providing the finest and most versatile private aircraft to our clients for so long because we always pay attention to what our customers need. Whether your group needs the Jetstream 41 or some other aircraft, any of our expert private charter flight planners can help you decide then take care of all your arrangements. In addition, we also can provide this fine aircraft on-demand and even for one-way private charter flights. We can do this here at Charter Flight Group because of our firm commitment to keeping every private aircraft in mint condition, ready when you are. By retaining the services of the best flight safety groups in the world
ARGUS and Wyvern, every private aircraft, turboprop or jet, is ready to pass all FAA inspections and take flight even as you are booking your trip. Finally, to provide you with the absolute best service in private charter flights in the industry, your expert planner is ready to take your call 24/7/365 to book your Jetstream 41.

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