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Jetstream 32 Turboprop Charter Flight
Charter a Jetstream 32 Aircraft

Jetstream 32

Private Plane Charters on Jetstream 32 – History and Highlights

Charter a private Jetstream 32 today with Charter Flight Group. Thirty years experience in serving the needs of private business charter clients has put Charter Flight Group in unique standing in the private business charter industry. During this time, we have learned what it takes to provide the finest flight service in the world: safe, reliable private business charters. The Jetstream 32 was developed from one of the most reliable and economical light turboprop aircraft ever developed, the model 31. As the progeny of the Handley Page Jetstream, the 31 and subsequently the 32 have enjoyed great success worldwide as numerous small airliner companies have sought this aircraft out for use in their fleets.
Although Handley Page did not built the craft because it was absorbed in the nationalism of the industry in the UK, the Jetstream 32 still carries the proud tradition begun in the early years of the company. The Jetstream 32 is very similar to the initial 31 model except that British Aerospace recognized the need to convey more cargo/baggage for customers. Hence, the storage capacity was increased along with upgrades to the engines for handling the added weight. The final model was officially named the Jetstream Super 31, but customers the world over referred to it as the J32 and the name has stuck.

Jetstream 32 Specifications

By increasing the storage capacity to 81 cubic feet and the Maximum payload to 2080 pounds, the Jetstream 32 has proven to be a formidable champion in the private charter flight industry, competing well against most light jets of similar dimensions, but providing additional passenger capacity and economy. Perhaps the single best feature of the Jetstream 32 is the ability to provide additional cargo/baggage capacity for private flight travelers, for no longer is there a need to “pack light.” Take what you need, for this private charter aircraft can handle a sizeable load. In addition, with the executive configuration, 9 business travelers can enjoy luxurious comfort on board this aircraft, with wide, fully swiveling seats that allow for business discussions while in flight.
  • Crew” 2
  • Passengers 9, 12, or 19, depending on configuration
  • Lavatory: Aft/private
  • Takeoff distance: 3900 ft
  • Cruise speed: 312 mph
  • Climb Rate: 2240 fpm
  • Range: 880 mi
  • Ceiling: 25,000 ft
  • Cabin dimensions: H5.8’ x W5.2’ x L35’
  • Engines: TPE331-12UAR (x2)

Fly Private with the Jetstream 32 – Summary

Charter Flight Group is pleased to be able to provide the Jetstream 32 (or Super 31 as the company prefers to call this fine aircraft) to our private flight clients. We pride ourselves on our incredibly flexible service to all our clients and can arrange on-demand service, one-way flights, even empty legs quite often with this aircraft. One of the secrets to our success has been out commitment to the maintenance and safe operation of all aircraft, turboprop or jet. To make this commitment work, both Wyvern and ARGUS, the two
most respected names in flight safety are employed to keep all aircraft in pristine condition, ready to pass all FAA inspections so as to be ready for private use when you are ready. If you are ready, you could call Charter Flight Group right now, for we even have expert private flight planners available to make all your arrangements 24/7/365.

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