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Private Charter on the Lear 40
Charter Jet Lear 40 Flight

Lear 40

Private Jet Flights on Lear 40 – History and Highlights

Perhaps no other jet in the world carries the impression of a Lear and the Lear 40 is no exception. Charter Flight Group is pleased to offer the Lear 40 light jet to clients worldwide for private use. After over 30 years in the private charter flight industry, Charter Flight Group has gained a reputation for luxurious and reliable service rivaled perhaps only by Lear.The Lear 40 was developed to replace the discontinued LearJet 31a and the first prototype took flight on August 31, 2002 with the production model showing off a few days later on September 5. The basis concept behind the 40 is a derivative of the earlier model, the Learjet 45
but shorter and powered by two newer, more efficient and powerful engines, the Honeywell TFE731-20AR.In creating this light jet, the company sought and found a lighter aircraft, capable of considerable range and payload for a jet in its class. This aircraft features faster takeoff speeds, is quicker to climb to cruising altitude, and with higher takeoff weights which makes this an excellent light jet for nearly any private charter client.

Lear 40 Specifications

Special specifications of the Lear 40 are found in the performance package. With a maximum speed of 534 mph and cruise speed of 526 mph, this jet can get you where you need to be quickly. The climb rate of 2,820 fpm means that you will get above all other air traffic or bad weather to achieve your cruising altitude of 51,000 feet in good time. Given the range, speed, and cruising altitude of the Lear 40, there is little wonder that this is one of the most popular choices in private charter jets when traveling from San Francisco or Los Angeles to Chicago or similar routes. This private jet can travel high with the big boys and still manage landings on most inner city airports.
  • Crew: 2
  • Passengers: 7
  • Cruising Speed: 526 mph
  • Max Speed: 534 mph
  • Range: 1,947 miles
  • Takeoff distance: 4,285 feet
  • Landing Distance: 4,442 feet
  • Cabin volume: 368 cubic feet
  • Internal storage: 15 cubic feet
  • Cargo capacity: 50 cubic feet
  • Maximum Payload: 2,305 lb
  • Cabin dimensions: H4.9’ x W5.1’ x L19.75’

Fly Private with the Lear 40 – Summary

Charter Flight Group has an abundance of light jets available for private use and can provide on-demand service, one-way flights, and even arrange empty legs in many cases. With expert private flight planners on standby for your call 24/7 every day of the year, Charter Flight Group is ready when you are. In addition to a careful concern for maintaining the finest service in the industry, Charter Flight Group pays special attention to the safe operation of every private aircraft in the enormous fleet. This is to ensure, not just safe flights, but also reliability.
To help ensure that every jet is maintained to exceed all FAA requirements, both ARGUS and Wyvern are contracted. By these means, we are able to provide the safest, most reliable private charter fleet in the world for your use. Give Charter Flight Group a call today and experience for yourself just how great a private flight on the Lear 40 really is.

The CFG Difference

Charter Flight Group is the right choice for the private charter clientele. Our reliability, costs, and attentiveness enables us to surpass the competition.

Why We’re Different

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  • Dedicated 24/7 VIP Service
  • Integrated Trip Planning
  • ARGUS Platinum, IS-BAO Aircraft
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