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ARGUS Safety Rated Citation CJ1 Jet Charter
Private Jet Citation CJ1 Charter

Citation CJ1

Private Aircraft Citation CJ1 Light Jet – History and Highlights

Book your private flight on a Citation CJ1 from Cessna of Wichita, Kansas by calling Charter Flight Group. With over 30 years experience providing private jets to destinations both foreign and domestic, Charter Flight Group can provide both the right charter aircraft for all your private flight needs as well as the kind of world-class service you would expect. The CJ1 was developed by Cessna Aircraft Company in response to a demand for light, efficient, more cost-effective private charter jets which would be ideal for short trips by clients preferring jet travel over turboprop aircraft. The basis for the Citation CJ1 was the Model 525 CitationJet originally launched in 1989.
The first delivery of the Citation was on March 30, 1993 with several adaptations soon to follow. The first was the CJ1. The CJ1 provides the same core features as its predecessor, but with a newer EFIA avionics and slightly better takeoff weight. Some of the standard features include a crew of 1, which reduces the overall cost to operate, acoustic-blanket soundproofing to provide an incredibly quiet flight, and a belted potty lavatory which can provide additional seating for your executive assistant.

Citation CJ1 Specifications

Of course, the CJ1 comes with certain advantages that you may find useful including a climb rate of 3290 fpm, a cruising altitude of 41,000 ft so that the ride will be as comfortable as if in a much heavier private charter jet, and a great take off distance of a mere 3280 ft, which means this private aircraft can compete with the best turboprop aircraft on the market. Powered by two aft-mounted Williams FJ44 turbofan engines, the Citation CJ1 was built to be quick and efficient, able to provide private jet charter travel to busy executives needing a light craft for short jumps, even if these must land on short airstrips. This makes it the idea jet for hops along the West Coast such as from San Jose to Beverly Hills or any similar trip.
  • Range: 1500 mi
  • Load capacity: 1,740 kg (3,835 lb)
  • Passengers: 3-9 depending on configuration
  • Height: 4.9 m
  • Length: 12.98 m
  • Wingspan: 14.3 m
  • Interior Payload: 279 kg (615 lb)
  • Ceiling: 41,000 ft
  • Cruise Speed: 379 mph
  • Cabin Dimensions: H4.8’ x W4.8’ x L11’

Private Trips with the Citation CJ1 Jet- Summary

When you are ready to book your Citation CJ1, Charter Flight Group will be ready to take your call. We have private flight consultants available to you 24/7 to provide you with the kind of service you have come to expect from us. Whether you need the Citation CJ1 or would like to consider any other jet, your flight consultant will make all your arrangements. Charter Flight Group believes in safety coupled with service. For this reason, every private charter jet must meet all FAA regulations as well as ARGUS and Wyvern tough safety audits.
This ensures that every business jet is ready even for on-demand flights. Contact Charter Flight Group now to book your Citation CJ1 jet flight to wherever it is you need to go: It can land virtually anywhere and is so very affordable.

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